"All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind."
Khalil Gibran

About Me

My name is Jessica Krohn, I am a Wife to my amazing husband and the Mother of a wonderful teenage son.

Our family lives in beautiful Southern Oregon where we are centrally located to enjoy the best that our state has to offer. We live in the Rogue Valley and are just a short car ride from both the mountains and the beach.

I am a Bible believing Christian that focuses more on my 'relationship' with Christ than on the idea of 'religion'.  My family attends a non-denominational Christian Fellowship Church.  I love to study the Bible and discover the wonderful gems that God has left for me to find throughout His Word.  I have a desire to study theology and make it easier to understand for both myself and others.  I enjoy helping others, through writing, to make the Bible applicable to our every day lives.  I have a great respect for those scholars who have come before me to make this process so much easier for me. 

I was born and raised in a small coastal town in Oregon. I have worked as a manager in corporate America, with small businesses, and even worked for myself as a consultant for several years.  But none of these things have compared to my experiences as a homeschooling Mom which is just as challenging and yet far more rewarding. 

I believe with all my heart that children are a blessing from the Lord.  For many years I had desired to stay home but was unable to do so until recently. I love being a Mother and take seriously my responsibility to love, nurture, teach, and discipline the child that I have been given by God.  My goal is to be a good steward of the gift I've been given, which is my son.

We made the decision for to homeschool in the 2009-2010 school year.  Although this is just the beginning for us, God has been so good to surround us with amazing families, we've gotten involved in a local homeschool co-op, and have had lots of time for both parents and kids to learn and visit together.  

I love to learn new things and to share what I've learned with others.  As far back as I can remember, I've always loved learning.  I was one of those kids that liked school...and as an adult I've been successful at finding solutions to problems.  If I don't know the answer, I will research it until I have discovered one.

In addition to spending time with family, I love to spend time creating art and crafting.  I'm always looking for new project ideas and love to share what I find with others in hopes that they will also enjoy. 

I have also been extremely blessed to have the best group of women friends.  God has taught me so much about love true Christian fellowship through these women.  I hope to share with others how to find and create a similar support group, since I cannot imagine how my life would look without being in constant fellowship with encouraging and uplifting women who love me unconditionally.

Thank you for following me on this journey.