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Khalil Gibran

Friday, April 8, 2011

Thursday's With Maddie

Maddie is the beautiful daughter of my wonderful friend Emily.  For the last several months I have been SO blessed to have Maddie over at my house each Thursday afternoon for a couple hours of uninterrupted crafting.  Yesterday, April 7th, was officially my last 'craft day' with Maddie as I am going to have to focus on getting our home packed for our move next month.

We have done some really fun projects including; making paper puppets, creating 3D art, painting signs and canvases using different painting techniques, wood burning, making mosaic boxes, and sewing...just to name a few.  It has been a fun time for me to do 'girlie' crafts, since my teenage son is just not up for that.  *wink*

I will miss our Thursday afternoons greatly, but have high hopes of long distance crafting via video chats.  (Thanks to Skype)

Miss Madison made a SUPER CUTE bag as our last project together yesterday and it turned out so good that I wanted to show you a photo of her with her creation.

It is hard to see in this photo, but her bag has a blue lining, flowered outer shell, and brown straps.  Her little bag turned out so cute that I'm going to make one for me too.  

God is good to me for bringing such a sweet little girl into my life.  We've had fun and made some really fun things along the way.



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