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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Family Wedding Celebration!

Last Saturday, my beautiful little cousin was married out in the country to her beloved Zane.

We wound through old country roads until we arrived at the wedding venue in Oakland, Oregon.  With beautiful Peacocks all around we arrived and visited with many family member and friends that I haven't seen in a very long time.  It was so nice to have so many loved ones at the same place.  The weather was warm but where we all sat there was shade and a nice breeze.

I had not seen Krystal's dress before I saw her walking down the isle.  She was breathtakingly beautiful.  Her Bride's Maid's were dressed in very beautifully unique dresses and all the girls were wearing peacock feathers, Krystal had them in her hair and the girls had earrings made with them.

Our little Princess had found her Prince and last Saturday they vowed before their God and their loved ones to be true to one another and stand by each other no matter what this world will bring their way.  I loved to see the look in Zane's eyes as he watched his bride walking towards him.  She really was the most lovely bride. 

I played the day back through my mind as I laid down to sleep that night, I was reminded of the amazing diversity in our family.  We are bonded by blood and yet many of us are as different as night and day, but just as the day and night...there cannot be one without the other.  The mosaic masterpiece that is the result of each unique individuals is beautiful.  People who might never run in the same circles find themselves together in this family, and in our differences, we expand our vision of the world and we learn to see the value in each other that we may not have taken time to observe otherwise.

I love my family and was sad that I didn't have time to visit with each of them to really connect and catch up but even in our brief time of fellowship I was encouraged just to have us all together in one place.  And we were all so happy to share in this joyous day!

As I watched my cousin Jeff, the Father of the Bride, my heart went out to him as I imagined what it must be like for him to watch his little girl getting married and binding to another man to be her protector.
 Here are Zane (the newest member of our mosaic masterpiece) and Krystal Alvey, husband and wife.  I love this girl and look forward to getting to know Zane better.

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