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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crafting Daze

I have been crafting away the past few days making Birthday gifts for my sweet friend Maddie who just turned 11 years old today.

Maddie and I have a regular weekly craft day, so naturally I wanted to make her something for her Birthday.  I remember being her age and transitioning from the little girl to the pre-teen.  Last week I noticed that she had gotten a new bedspread so I decided to make her some new things that match it for her room.

I decided I would take my sewing machine from the cupboard and clean off the dust to sew her some matching pillows.

Based on the colors of her comforter, I chose the following fabrics:

I sewed 2 standard square pillows and made the third pillow with a felt flower on the front by sewing about 175 'petals' in circles on the front.

Maddie took her pillows and placed them on her bed and we were both so pleased to see that amazingly they matched just like they'd all been made together. I love it when a thing works out!

Maddie's bed with her new pillows on it.

The second thing I worked on was a painting with Maddie's name on it that would also match.  I painted a background of orange swirls with 2 shades of aqua flourishes as well as painting her name in a fun font in a metallic red.

Today I had the pleasure of watching Miss Madison open her gifts with a big smile.

It was a good week of crafting....

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  1. sweet friend,
    i cannot thank you enough for your *AMAZING* kindness to my maddie!! she just kept exclaiming over your gifts ... she was so excited to show our family when they came for dinner last night ... and again at bedtime she kept saying, 'mama, aren't these pillows so awesome?! and the painting too!"
    really, truly, WOW. you are so special to us!!


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