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Khalil Gibran

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Visit From Papa

For the past few days, and I've been thinking about just how nice it is to have family around when you aren't feeling well.  As I'm recovering from surgery and dealing with a Lupus flare up, my family has had to do extra work in my absence from the regular daily chores.  And....we are a homeschooling family, so my son has been doing a lot of his work independently the past few weeks.  No one has complained, but we are all feeling the effects of being cooped up as Mom recovers.

This week my Dad decided to come down for a visit.  I was worried that I wouldn't be very good company but was very happy that my son would have his Papa here to hang out with.  They have so much in common, which allows them to share in many activities.

Grandparents can be such an amazing blessing!  They bring an element that no other relationship does.  I love the way my son and my Dad love each other....it is how it is meant to be.

Yesterday they went shopping....yes, sounds a little strange until I tell you that they spent their time at Sportsman's Warehouse.  Regan came home and was so excited to have some new arrows and a quiver that hooks on to your pants!  Boy heaven!  He spent the afternoon having target practice in the back yard.  On top of his already great day, our neighbor saw him out there and gave him a archery target board that he said he hadn't used in a very long time!  He had a day full of blessings!

Today they went to the shooting range along with my husband to shoot clay pigeons....I knew they must be having fun because they were gone for a few hours.  Again....boy heaven....

Tomorrow, weather permitting, they will be taking the kayaks up to our favorite little lake in the Applegate Valley.  They'll kayak and fish the day away....my boy and his Papa.

I'm feeling thankful today.  Family is a blessing!

Thanks Dad!

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