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Khalil Gibran

Monday, July 18, 2011

Proud Moment

As some of you know, this past school year I spent one day a week with Maddie (one of my best friend's daughter) and we would craft, sew, paint....create.  See the Article THURSDAY'S WITH MADDIE.

Maddie's family as well as my own are Homeschooling families, and although I do creative things with my son, I do not have a daughter so this time provided wonderful use of 'girly' things.  We learned and had fun each week.

We have not been together over the summer but Maddie and her Mom Emily just sewed a very cute summer shirt and skirt that I had to share because it IS so cute, and I AM so proud!  You'll notice in the photo that she even sewed herself a matching headband as well! 

To read about their project, go to Home2learn's Blog:

Yay Maddie! 


  1. Thats awesome!! Grace was just saying yesterday that she wants to learn to sew...Too bad we live so far away from each other!! :) Love you....
    oh and GREAT JOB MADDIE!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I wish we were closer too Liz! Grace was so good when I was up for Easter, it was a bit scary to take that first round of pushing the pedal, but after she figured that out, she was going gang busters! Maybe you need to find a machine and learn too!

    I have seriously basically taught myself by reading things and watching YouTube videos. LOL! I'd love some classes, that's on my to-do list for this next year.


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