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Friday, August 26, 2011

Mum Purse - Hand Ebroidery for Beginners

I decided to make a quick project to leave with my little Cousin Grace recently.  Since she is a little girl, what better project that a little purse?

You will need: 
  • felt (I used dark grey)
  • embroidery thread 
    • I used 4 colors - white, blue, green, yellow, and thick dark grey (to match the color of the felt)
  • a button
  • an embroidery needle.
  • Cut the following shapes out of thick felt.  (The second shape is the same width and shape as the first with an additional length at the top with rounded corners for the top flap of the purse that will fold over and button to the front of the purse.)

  • #1 (front)      
  • #2 (back)
  • 1.      Embroider the design on the front piece.  (I used white for the flower petals, yellow for the center of the flower, blue for the stem, green for the leaves, blue for the top edge border, and a matching thick grey thread for the strap)  Back Stitch the lines and use a french knot for the dots in the center of the flower.

  •  2.      On the back piece, back stitch the border around the top edge and the buttonhole with white floss.
  •  3.      With the right sides facing each other, place the front and back pieces together, aligning the bottoms.  Back stitch the side and bottom seams with grey floss.
  • 4.      Back stitch the corners with grey floss.
  • 5.      For the strap, cut two 5” pieces of grey cord and nine 60” pieces.  Lay the 60” pices side by side.  Secure one end by wrapping and then knotting a 5” pice around them.  Tape that end to a table or a counter as shown in the photo below.  Divide the pieces into three equal groups then braid them to within 1” from the end.  Secure the other end of the braid.  Sew the ends of the strap to the side seam with grey floss.

  • 6.      Turn the purse right side out.  Attach the button to the front with grey floss.

I hope you Enjoy making this fun little purse, 
I know I did!
 Stitches Used:
Back Stitch
French Knot

This project was made from a kit that I purchased from a local craft store.  You can order the same kit with these instructions and all the supplies from 
at Dimensions Needlecrafts http://needlecrafts.eksuccessbrands.com/Product/Mum+Purse.aspx


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