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Khalil Gibran

Sunday, May 8, 2011

What is a Mom?

Although I could fill pages of the details of how I love my son ...today I wanted to talk about what it means to be a Mom.

One of the simplest definitions of a Mother that I've seen says that a Mother is a female who has given birth to a child.  Even as I type that is seems grossly simplified and not exactly correct.

I have friends who have adopted children, and even though that child did not come from her own womb, the child is no less hers and she is no less of a Mother.  I even have a friend who was a surrogate Mom for an amazing couple who could not conceive themselves.  She in fact had twins, and although my friend will always have a bond with those babies that grew inside of her...my friend is not their Mother.  And then there are some who connect the word Mom more with a friend or mentor who has been to them what they always longed for but didn't get from the Mother who raised them.

Sometimes Motherhood is biological, sometimes it is not.  I believe that the love that many connect with the person they call Mom does not come simply from DNA or Title, but from relationship.  From listening to the details of our lives, teaching us and walking us through the hard lessons in life, giving advice when necessary, hugging us when there is nothing more that can be done, and loving us always.  Mothers come in many different shapes and sizes, but one thing connects them all.....love. 

Some Mother's are better at these things that other.  Some children grow into adults with the thinking that their Mom is one of their best friends, other children grow older and begin their own families and only see their Mom's on major holidays, and still yet....some grow and disconnect completely deciding for whatever reason that continuing a relationship with their Mother is not beneficial.

As I thought about all of this, I began to wonder what type of Mom my son thinks I am.  When he grows older, what will his relationship be with me?  Will we be close?

One thing I am learning is that this thing called Motherhood is a marathon and not a sprint.  There are days when you want to cry, pull your hair out, and run away....and then there are days you cry because you are so full of love that you can't hold it all in.   It isn't always easy, but the important things often aren't and I believe in the end all of our hard work will be worth it!

Being a Mom is the biggest job on Earth...you are responsible for teaching and raising a human life.  There is no higher calling.  It took me a long time to figure this one out as I spent years clawing my way up the corporate ladder.  Being a Mom is an honor.....don't forget.....it is an honor and a miracle!

So to all of you fellow Mother's.....

Thank you for all you do for your kids!  If they aren't thanking you now....one day they will!

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  1. I have such a unique opportunity to not only witness your mothering and the love that you have for your son, but also know what it takes you to bring such love into each and every day consistently. He is the luckiest kid in the world.


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